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Dec 16, 2009

Hörzu reviews VODO’s ‘In Guantanamo’


It’s great  to see a ‘traditional’ TV magazine, Germany’s ‘number one TV magazine’ Hörzu, reviewing a VODO release. We’re grateful for progressive print media realising that ‘real’ films don’t have to come out in the cinema or on TV – a proper net distribution can easily rival the amount of viewers associated with a small terrestrial or cable screening, so shouldn’t viewers be entitled to a review from their trusted source? They sure should. Here’s a translated excerpt of what Hörzu’s Tanja Beeskow had to say:

“Copy me!” is the call of David Miller. His documentary “In Guantanamo” should see as many people as possible. He makes a close examination of the U.S. prison camp in Cuba, and shows how reporting is controlled by the U.S. military.

In May 2008 David Miller travels with his team for three days to Guantanamo. Together with other journalists, he was there to look around the site. But he finds that critical reporting is impossible – the U.S. military makes the event into a PR event.

The reporting is carefully controlled. The censorship of the images is evident in almost every scene. Everywhere are signs to draw attention to the recording ban. People whose faces can not be filmed are seen in abundance. As a journalist accidentally films cameras that he hasn’t seen, he has to go through all his shorts and delete these scenes. Carefully controlled, the military presented the clean side of the prison.

They also include a link to the film so that readers can download it and share it. Without wanting to be patronising, we think that’s pretty cool for a TV magazine!

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