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Feb 8, 2010

Limewire joins VODO’s Distribution Coalition

We are delighted to announce that Limewire , which reportedly has by far the largest user base of all P2P clients, is joining VODO’s Distribution Coalition (DISCO). The forthcoming VODO release, soon to be announced, will be promoted to Limewire users in a unique arrangement between VODO and the company.

Given that Limewire is estimated be installed on an astonishing 17% of all home PCs, this is a big win for VODO artists seeking exposure and the chance to connect with new fans.

It’s fantastic that Limewire is supporting creators’ use of P2P and helping establish an important new distribution channel, at a time when it’s getting harder than ever to distribute independent culture through traditional means. Thanks Limewire: we welcome you to VODO & the DISCO family.

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