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Feb 22, 2011

PSFK on VODO: “a model built around the social nature of the online world.”

PSFK has this write up on Sebastian Guttierez’ forthcoming A Girl Walks Into A Bar (to be released on the Web*) and VODO’s crowd-powered distribution:

Web distribution techniques are not necessarily new and Guittierez acknowledges the changing indie landscape enough to know that it’s ready for Hollywood to adapt to this sea change. Many will argue the marketability of distributing a film for free online, but evidence has shown that you can have a sustainable free model.

Similarly, the digital distribution platform VODO allows filmmakers to release their films for free via BitTorrent. Although the content is distributed freely users are given incentive to support the filmmakers whose work they download. Users are encouraged and rewarded for spreading the word about films they download and watch. It is a model built specifically the social nature of the online world.

* On YouTube, according to Wikipedia, sponsored by Lexus.

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