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Mar 10, 2011

VODO ‘a lifeline for documentary filmmakers’ —

Streaming Media has an in-depth article on Vodo, and in particular how we provide “a lifeline for documentary filmmakers“. Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men, who released their  comedy documentary The Yes Men Fix the World through Vodo, explains:

P2P distribution meant more revenue, more freedom, and more viewers than The Yes Men would have had otherwise.

“That’s how probably more people have seen the film than any other way. It’s been really rewarding for us, because we’re hearing from people all over the world who wouldn’t have seen it any other way,” Bonanno says.

He also talks about how Vodo can sidestep some of the film-industry caution which usually stops interesting projects getting seen:

“Right now there are sort of legal hoops you have to jump through. To do something officially through established big businesses—television broadcasters, things like that—costs a lot, and you sort of have to pay to play,” says Bonanno. “Releasing on peer-to-peer is a way around that, because it’s not like we were breaking the law with anything we were doing—it’s all fair use—but you still have to pay for a lawyer, or, in many cases, pay for rights simply if the insurer requires it.”

The same logic keeps all kinds of great content away from the public. Traditional distributors have massive costs, so they can’t take risks with unknown film-makers, with foreign-language content, or (as here) with films that annoy powerful groups. Vodo doesn’t have those costs, so we have much more freedom to share films we believe in.

Read the full article here

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