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Mar 18, 2011

VODO extends reach to consumer devices via BitTorrent Inc.

Forbes’ Oliver Chiang reports on VODO partner BitTorrent‘s move towards becoming embedded in devices like Blu-Ray and DVD players, digital TVs and tablets:

Users will be able to share BitTorrent-certified content between the devices by burning DVDs or through a wireless connection.

… The new client sports a new user-interface that emphasizes the discovery, playing and sharing of media to woo over more users. It will also have new features like a media player, and an app on Android smartphones and tablets that will allow users to download and control media through those mobile devices. In the demo, it all seemed to run pretty smoothly. The question on my mind, then, was what sort of content would I want to watch with BitTorrent?

VODO, of course, will be part of the answer to that question. Our partership with BitTorrent helps creators by pulling new content into the BitTorrent ecosystem, and increasingly this will mean getting right onto the TV screens associated with traditional media.

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  • If you thinking of getting into devices, don’t forget WD. It would be great to be able to turn on my WD TV Live Plus, select VODO and stream Pioneer One.

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