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Jul 12, 2012

VODO SPOTLIGHT #7: Torchbearer – A Švankmajer Animation. Free-To-Share Indie Film On VODO


Director: Václav Švankmajer 
Year: 2005

Suddenly the machine grinds to a halt and endless night threatens…

We can see a Town with an extensive Labyrinth. Day and Night alternate above the Town and Labyrinth, and the Sun and Moon revolve in a seemingly never-ending cycle. The machine keeping things in balance fails and the darkness that falls threatens to last forever. On his voyage into the heart of the Labyrinth the Hero must pass through three tests to confront the forces of breakdown.

Torchbearer is a creation of award-winning Czech filmmaker Václav Švankmajer, son of Czech surrealists Jan Švankmajer and Eva Švankmajerová. A rare treat shot on 35mm film, this 25 minute stop-frame animation combines beautifully wrought set and model craft with visceral sound design, influenced by the haunting mystique of Jan Švankmajer’s dark animations and their echoes in the works of Brothers Quay.

Kristian, Best Animated Film, Febiofest, Prague, 2005
Best Animated Film, Fresh Film Fest Karlovy Vary 2005
3rd Prize International Festival of Animation Korea DIFECA, 2005
Award for best screenplay and editing, ACKO, Bratislava, 2005
Cracow Students Jury Award, IFF Krakow 2006
Special Mention for Best Czecho-slovak film, Fresh Film Fest Karlovy Vary 2005

Official Website

Leave a comment on this page describing what you like most about Torchbearer and you will be entered into a VODO prize draw. The competition closes on Friday 31 August 2012 and the winner will get a free GOLD ticket with 10 streams to gift to friends, giving them instant access to the film for 10 days from when they accept the gift. The winner will be announced in the first week of September 2012.

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